The Heat – Sandra Bullock’s year

Misogynist, funny, dumb, those three adjectives could qualify The Heat, the last film of Paul Feig. If Bridesmaids was really appreciated among spectators, The Heat would disappoint a little, but would anyway trigger some laughs.


Sandra Bullock did quite a good job in picking her films lately, and her performance in this film was pretty great. Not to mention her destabilizing fun duo with Melissa McCarthy, who seems to have some kind of power; whenever she opens her mouth, people laugh (great rhyme isn’t it?).

The Heat, is dealing with two cops, single women, with a particular temper, hated by every men in their department, who however are the best at what they do. Therefore, they’re bought to work together in a delicate case, and sparkles will emerge from that team.
Even if their personalities, are joining at some point, they are two extremes meeting. Indeed, one is boyish, tough, and the other is prude, and classy, but both are lonely, and giving 100% dedication of their tome into their work. Workaholic, obsessed with justice, and there’s something interesting to see; their two minds competing, two similar intelligence, two cops thinking the same way, with a strong penchant for observation of details. An indestructible solidarity, and shy friendship will be sewed throughout the movie.

After all its a basic comedy, not very original, but really amusing, and enjoyable. And the duo’s chemistry is providing the only element, interesting and teasing our curiosity, and that is really making the movie laughable and pleasant.
Nevertheless, Sandra Bullock is very astonishing, and not disappointing at all, in her dumbest role.

It is obvious that the director likes to paint women relationship, which are not always about concurrence and jealousy, but also often, about solidarity and a heavy feeling of friendship. Not afraid of the ridicule, his actresses make the big jump in his movies.