American Hustle – Change your mask

The american cinema this year has been great, surprising, with his mesmerizing love stories, poignant dramas, suspenseful crime films etc. And American Hustle continues on that wave.
David O. Russell loves to talk about his work on his film, and I can clearly understand why.


Complete transformation of Christian Bale, as Irving Rosenfeld and Bradley Cooper, as Richie DiMaso. I have to say that every previous sexual attraction towards Bale vanished, thanks to his growing belly and baldness, though if you’re more a fan of the cute Cooper, his perfectly curly hair are not very sexy. However, this is the end of the 70’s, and men had weird tastes. Unlike the women of the movie, Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn Rosenfeld and Amy Adams as Sydney Prosser, who are breathtaking – and not only physically. Indeed, and that not only for the two actresses, they all done incredible performances and showed the best of their acting. Christian Bale was never so convincing in a style that he’s never done before, and that’s the power and peak of his acting carrer. Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence who is outstanding and changing the concept of the word “supporting” in supporting actress.

jennifer lawrence amy adams american hustle

Okay so amazing actors, now let’s talk content. American Hustle is based on some FBI event, and deals with the actions of two characters; Irving and Sydney, lovers and associates in con games. Indeed, they had a little growing business, gaining the trust of people, and also their money, by playing roles. Especially Sydney, who adopted in the movie, a “crime mask”, of an aristocratic english women named Lady Edith Greensley.
Nevertheless, Irving had his mask too, he cheated on his wife, Rosalyn, and had going on a business that nobody close, knew about.
Proof that in America, everything is possible, drop your actual personality, choose an other, there is plenty. The American Dream, the flourishing 80’s.
American Hustle sells some fantasies. Even if Irving and Sydney are unmasked in a first time by Richie, like magicians they have more than one trick in their pockets. That’s the kind of hope the country is dealing. Paradoxically, with the fact that the most honest and big hearted character is a politician.

Well, besides that, the movie is funny, a little crazy, vibrant and provides you a great time while watching it. It is certainly concentrated within the hands of the actors, and they are the ones giving the film this extraordinary strength and life, they enlightened it, and voodooed us.
Worth watching for the explosive cast and performances.