Gravity – Movie of the Year?

Well, we can discuss that.

Big screen, 3D glasses, some pop corn, and here you go, projected into space, floating to some country music.
George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are Matt Kowalski and Ryan Stone, two astronauts sent to fix something with their space shuttle, named Explorer. They are suddenly ordered to be abort their mission, due to several asteroids running straight to them, and susceptible to destroy their space shuttle.
The catastrophes, kept on coming though out the film, but during approximatively the first 15 minutes of the film, except for Ryan Stone kept alive thanks to Kowalski’s gallantry, each member of the crew dies. Fear, anxiousness, accelerated heartbeat, can Gravity be more stressful?


Nevertheless, it can be considered as Alfonson Cuarón‘s best graphic work since Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Indeed, Gravity is first of all, an aesthetic movie, with amazing graphics, an outstanding photography, and the stress felt while watching it, might come from this too-close-to-reality side of the film. Thus, spectators were so captivated, and a little messed up, once the movie ended, staggering out of the movie theater. Because, Gravity is an indisputable and astonishing tableau of space, and a well conducted disaster movie, full of technical, well mastered secrets, and yet it is not a tale about astronauts. There is no ideas, really spread out from it, there is only jaw dropping special effects. Ryan Stone, had luck, perseverances, and hallucinations; those three elements gave her strength, and courage, to struggle, and find a way out, of this enormous nowhere place, that is the universe, and come home, to Earth. This universe, that after all, we don’t know much about, is what Cuarón used in his movie, to attract, and bewitched his spectators. The fact that, we deal with an unknown place, a whole new world or collection of worlds gathered in one big plain of emptiness, is what trigger the fear, in us. The fear of nothingness, and not knowing where to go; this might sound like a quote from an emo kid, but after all, its just a feeling, that we might feel power ten, once confronted to space.


Now, to say it is the movie of the year, I would say no. No because, it is just a movie about stunning the audience, by breathtaking and nail-biting scenes, mixing up, beauty and horror. There’s no ideas, no messages, just beautiful pictures to keep in mind. Then, what I was disappointed about, is that, is has the same impact, of a basic horror movie, that needs, technical skills, and great suspense. Not to mention, the end, a little bit fetched that seizures the pretty constant line of emotions felt until then.

If Gravity might not be the movie of the year, Sandra Bullock is certainly the actress of the year. The greatly identified the character, and embodied it perfectly. She knew how to pass on emotions, and proved strong and gripping actress qualities and gave birth to that something we can’t really put a hand on, in the movie.

However, despite this good elements, what is Gravity after all? Another brick to the wall of blockbusters.