Supervixens – B movies part 2

What the hell is wrong with you women?!

Ten years after MotorpsychoRuss Meyer kept the same spirit in his semi-pornographic movie Supervixens. His hero Clint (Charles Pitts), is going through hard times. After a big fight with his woman, SuperAngel (Shari Eubank), he goes for a drink (or two, or three…), and during this time, she’s killed. Turns out, he’s the most likely to be accused of her murder, therefore, he found himself running away.

That thing being said, if you’re planning on watching what’s coming next, you’d better abide to Russ Meyer’s crazy mind. Indeed, Clint is sexually harassed by three women, during his run away. Three women, with prominent breasts, nymphomaniac and nudist traits and pretty tough personalities. One bold american, a wild ostrich nymph, and a black nudist but certainly, the most wise of all three. Are there critics towards the europeans migrating to the USA, and about stereotypes towards native black people? Is Russ Meyer criticizing the americans despise the blacks more than the europeans immigrates? Could that be gone that far? Social aspects, implicitly approached through sexual feature? No idea.


However, Clint, naturally, pisses off every men, and hitchhikes until he finds a gas station, just like the one he used to work in, managed by a woman, SuperVixen (Shari Eubank again). Myteriously, he doesn’t notice the obvious resemblance between his past SuperAngel and this woman, with who he falls in love.
Until then, he had always found a way to get away from all men that wanted him dead, all but one, the murderer.

There’s not much to say about that movie, except the fact that it might be the greatest work of the genre, with somehow some suspense! A whole new world full of pheromones, and women on fire, spread out in the desert, is created by the director. He gave birth to a unique atmosphere, with madness, and sexuality sweating from all his characters. A desert that is waiting to be fill up with something.
Nonetheless, one element can’t be denied; the grotesques but obvious similarities with Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, the cartoon, where Clint is the Road Runner and the murderer the Coyote. One is running, the other trying to blow him off.


Explosions, sex, women and… cartoons. A B movie and a sexploitation bursting into a wild semi-arthouse, part of the Golden Age of exploitation and the exploitation boom, but with surely a smaller impact, compared to Motorpsycho wearing the crown.