Rush – To Feel More Speed

You love Formulas 1? You are familiar with Niki Lauda and James Hunt? You like speed and adrenaline? You like pizza? You like puppies? Okay I stop there. The idea is, no matter what are your tastes, Rush is movie everyone of you might appreciate.

Now, about those two guys;


James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), one blond good looking british, who would with one glance at his opponents cars, made them collapse like if they were wo


Niki Lauda (
Daniel Brühl) the other, a super smart Austrian guy,who knows more about how to make race cars reach their climax more than how to make women reach theirs.
Well, there is a story. They’d always been opponents, rivals, and their ultime battle was during the 1976 Formula One Season. High skilled, with an unbelievable determination, they dedicated their entire time, to racing, giving the best of what they got, and climbing the ladder little by little, during 1970 – 1976.

A gutsy movie, with lots of adrenaline! Yet, it is a historical, and really poignant one. The director, Ron Howard and his screenwriter Peter Morgan knew how to catch the essence of the rivalry between the two racers. Every elements are here: the well recalled event, the races, love, friendship, solidarity, humanity.
The important point to understand is, about their relationship. It is not only based on competition or hatred, not at all, it is about friendship, because they connected, and created links without being really aware of it. It was a game and just about two proud roosters, or more like two cheetahs. Success was in the chore of their competition, who will have THE WOMEN, the fastest CAR and win the GOLD medal? They had to finish what they started to be able to turn the page. Their story is amazing, almost fantastic; they completely dedicated 6 years of their lives, for their passion sure, but also and most important, to play together and prouve each other something like children.


Rush is thrilling, exciting, two big figures interpreted on the screen, recreating events some of us never even heard of. The actors, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl are outstandingly credible, moving and wild. They gave very hollywoodien performances paradoxically in a movie that isn’t felt like being a Hollywood product. The way its feel, what we experienced, the drama into the film, are making the whole difference.

Then, if I had to say few last things, this movie is a biopic driving you through 6 years of history in a rush. Put on your sea-belts, hold on to your seats, and enjoy the speed.


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