Dallas Buyers Club – Matthew McConaughey, drawing his “straight line of success”

Unlike Nicolas CageMatthew McConaughey had darn good parts in his last films chosen damn right.

EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto film scenes together for The Dallas Buyers Club in New Orleans.

He is Ron Woodroof, a real Texan, rodeo cowboy, who loves whores and cocaine, in his last feature: Dallas Buyers Club, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée.
Homophobic, it was quite, tragic and ironic, when he was diagnosed with AIDS.
Next to Jared Leto, who won and deserved a Golden Globe for his outstanding performance embodying Rayon, a lovable transexual, and Jennifer Garner, playing the role of Dr. Eve Saks, Matthew McConaughey, gave everything he had, for one of his best, or maybe his best, role. He perfectly got his character, and even though he had to be skinny (50 pounds lost), and get a mustache, he was handsome, because, his acting, was beyond everything else.

The story is defining his character in a way, because, when he discovers that he had AIDS, after having sex with a heroin addict prostitute, he tried everything to get better. As the doctors said he only had 30 days left, his anger, turned into an urge to survive. Its 1985, and scientists are trying to find a cure to this unbeatable disease, and by the time Ron learns about his HIV, a new medicine, AZT, is about to be tried. As he doesn’t want to be part of those who gets the placebo in the testing, he buys it from a guy, working at the hospital. Well, it appears to be not working, and after doing some research on his own, and getting medicine not supported in the country, he runs his own pharmaceutical market, with those new drugs that made him feel better.

The whole purpose of his action, is not only getting better himself, but helping the others. He moved to, hating homos, to helping them. Dallas Buyers Club, is also a great life lesson, about, solidarity, and not judging before knowing. Ron found himself in the same situation as gays, he finally stayed more with them than other people, not to mention his old friends turning their backs to him. He overcame his prejudice. And his relationship with Rayon, is one the best example, of this overcoming.

The movie, is what I love to call, a truly humanistic film, that is to say, having actors embedded in their characters, and strongly conveying emotions, and experiences, with palpable feelings, that we might someday, discover too. Rayon, just like Ron, wants to survive, they are both the depiction of joyful people, enjoying life and fearing death, even though, both are brushing with it everyday; one drug addict, and one rodeo-cowboy.
Ron’s character is interesting for us, viewers, because we are witnessing his evolution, and facing his determination to denounce the FDA and selling his medicine that is making HIV victims better. But he is also trying to have his moments, some intimacy. He misses sex, and falls into denial sometimes, when he feels weak. And I would call those elements, meticulous finishes, that give the character his final structure, and make him believable, give him credit.

I truly hope Matthew McConaughey, gets an Oscar for this role. This would be fair and he deserves it, and even if the competition with Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty strong.

Dallas Buyers Club, is ferocious, powerful and awfully human. Watch it you will not be disappointed. 


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