The World’s End – WTF

Usually when you had a tough week, you’d like a drink, or maybe like me, watching people drink. Indeed, I decided to watch The World’s End, of which I had a poster hanging on my wall before seeing it (weird). To close the the trilogy preceded by Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, the director Edgar Wright, with its scenarist and main actor Simon Pegg, set up a story about five men, that used to be inseparable back in high school, and that one day they decided to go on a crawl bar and drink a pine of beer from every bar of their town, baptizing their journey: The Golden Mile. Twenty three years later, the leader of their group, Gary The Kind (Simon Pegg), was telling members of the AA, this epic episode of his teenage life. It triggered in him, the desire to do this again, but most of all, having a reason to drink again! Therefore, dressed like he was 18 again, he went and convinced each of his buddies, to put on their most stretchy pants, and go back to their Newton Haven, and get drunk as hell just like.


I didn’t know, what to expect before watching the movie, I knew EdgarWright‘s earlier work, and I new that it was probably going to be a crazy ass movie. However, I wasn’t prepared for what happened then.

I don’t want to spoil, I want people to experience the same surprise that I had and let them judge by themselves, because, I didn’t fully enjoy the movie. I preferred the two first of the trilogy, and thought that maybe this time, Pegg and Wright wanted to go further, to an extent that may led their movie to ridiculousness. I was really captivated at the beginning, laughing and getting real attached to each of the protagonists, but then WOW, the film has its course changed, and it was suddenly totally mad, and going deep into the what the fuck (or “W.T.F” repeated a lot by Martin Freedman). When, usually, the WTF style, is something that I extremely appreciate, for that particular time, oddly, I was disappointed and a bit confused. Maybe, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, put up a high level, and then The World’s End hadn’t been able to follow.

Though, the characters are pretty cool, strongly caricatured and stereotyped, but enjoyable and appealing. Their craziness, was I enjoyed the most, after all they’re all childish and juvenile, keeping this form of youth burning inside them, growing up while they didn’t want to. Nevertheless, something was lacking, something in the script.

Sad to end the trilogy like this, but… the end of the world (well.. kind of) couldn’t be more enjoyed than around a beer.


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