Motorpsycho – B movies part 1

In 2008, I was 13, and started paying attention (or should I said, be dazzled?) to (by) Quentin Tarantino‘s work with Death Proof, and Robert Rodriguez‘s one with Planet Terror. I learned that something called Grindhouse had been created by the two crazy filmmakers, a year before, and regrouping both of those movie because of this same weird genre I liked so much. And I also learned about the B movies, belonging to a specific type of film, gathering features like, low budget, poor special effects, violence, gore, sex, shooting etc. Thus, I took a pen, a piece of paper, and started looking in every website, book, magazine, for B movies titles. I have now a pretty long list, and Motorpsycho was the first I wrote down.

Motor Psycho (1965

Directed by Russ Meyer, Motorpsycho was released on a symbolic year; 1965. I insist on this, because, it is often said that the B movies reigned between 1960 and 1970. Therefore, Motorpsycho is emblematic of this genre.
The film deals with three bikers, keeping on running into beautiful, sexy and a little whory women, encounters from which they took the bad habit of raping them. As they succeeded in neutralizing 2 out of 3 men trying to rescue their girls, the one left, Cory Maddox (Alex Rocco), full of revenge, decided to haunt and kill them one by one after discovering what they have done to his wife. On his way he meets Ruby (Haji), injured, near her dead husband, and the three abandoned bikes. Together, they found themselves following the gang.

The movie’s worth a glance, partly because of the way it is structured, and partly because of the music; really sticking and catchy melodies.
A true western, where Cory is the cow boy wearing a hat and taking care of animals, and where the three boys are the indians, considering the fact that the leader is wearing a vest with feathers. Not exactly a rape and revenge thing, but a misogynistic movie where women are represented and treated like horny objects, putting themselves into complex and dangerous situation, hiding a pathetic need to be saved by men. It is nonetheless, a great B movie, having an interesting story development and a great filming procedure.

Second degree is more than necessary while watching and enjoying a film like this, not to forget that sexual tensions existing between men and women must be acknowledge.

In a nutshell, Russ Meyer is one of a hell B movies icon!


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