The Bling Ring – Those Spoiled Kids

Sofia Coppola has this ability to film, and use the camera, like a wizard would use his wand, enchanting not only her actors and environment, but also the spectators.


There’s a palpable hallow, glowing, shaping the actors, that seems to represent the essence of freedom and youth belonging to each of her characters.

What I truly admire in her work, is not really about the content and script, it is more about the photography, the motion of the actors, the way the camera’s setting. Each of the scenes, seemed to have been an indisputable moment to catch and embellish.
In The Bling Ring I found what Virgin Suicides had; a boy’s narrative – but not only is he peeking into girls’ world, but is part of it – and also the way how, while watching them, everything around seems to stop. Sofia Coppola used slow motion and this dream-like photography, that really bewitched me.


The movie is taking place in L.A., in the middle of stars’ lifestyle, and filming teenagers having drown themselves into this. Drugs, party, sex… and clothes. Those elements are the symbol of richness and a youth completely under the spell of those movie stars, and obsessed with them, slaking every bit of their quotidian life. A violation of privacy, that will reach a higher level; because seeing those celebrities in nightclubs, on the news, or on internet to get daily inspiration (dress code, behavior) wasn’t enough. Then began the burglaries.

Excitement, experience, money, clothes, cars and drugs. That’s what the four teenagers got. And if the trial wasn’t developed that much in the movie, it is because, for them, the more important thing wasn’t that, it was all the things done before.
Spoiled, naive, influenced children, seeking attention, admiration and celebrity style, with blind, disconnected and not caring parents. A contemporary youth, with new objectives, but same behaviors as all that preceded.


Inspired by an article dealing with Hollywood teen thiefs, Sofia Coppola wanted to do a critic of rich people and their environment? No. Of how parents lack parental intuitions? No. Of the influence of movie stars on teens? No.
Everything combined? Maybe.
Buy the most appreciable aspect of The Bling Ring, will stay its photography and the way it was filmed.


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