Child’s Pose – The Love of a Mother

Pozitia copilului_credit foto Cos Aelenei

Cornelia Kerenes, brilliantly played by Luminița Gheorghiu, is a haughty, liar and oppressive mother. Her son Barbu (Bogdan Dumitrache) is avoiding her, and does pretty good at this, until he hit a 14 years old boy, and kill him on the road, while trying to overtake a car.

As a mother, she uses her haughtiness, her well highly placed contacts and easiness to lie, in order to strangle against her son’s arrest. But her goal is pretty hard to achieve considering the harsh relationship she is maintaining with Barbu. Nevertheless she doesn’t seem this concerned about fixing the mother-son bond, she’s just preoccupied by get him out of here. Now, the reasons why she’s doing this, are quite blurry, indeed, we’re not able to say, if she acts like every mother would act, or she acts for saving the appearances.

Her sort of disturbing and ambiguous behavior brings up the incestuous side of the love a mother has for her child, and the obvious link we can do, is to compare Luminița Gheorghius to the outstanding performance of Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom. Both of them are strict, even a little bit scary, reflecting the image of the strong mama and established this special relationship mother-son that is powerful, and looks like the one two lovers could have.

Thus, despite this aspect of the movie, the director, Călin Peter Netzer, painted there this sort of, “work-class conflict”, that is to say, the wealthy family of Barbu and the coming from low-social class family, that lost their child, encounter. A political implicit critic is made, calling for justice, a justice that would, for once, punish the rich and not allow him to escape the law thanks to his wealthiness. The grieving father has this anger, that is really heartbreaking and grab you the throat, pushing you to empathize with him and not with the other family.


However, Barbu is pretty much shaken for running into the child, this event shocked him, like it would shock anyone and, the director proved that no matter what, there’s humanity in all people. Being rich and wealthy doesn’t automatically mean, that you don’t care about the poor. The last scene, in particularly, is very powerful and poignant, and resume in its totality the movie and the message engaged in it.
I am glad for having watched Child’s Pose as my first Romanian movie.


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