The Internship – Free publicity

If you ask me what is my favorite comedy, I would tell you Wedding Crashers. From the beginning to the end, I loved every bit of that movie, and what I loved the most, was Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson duo. So I was pretty excited when I saw the cover of The Internship at the DVD store.


Directed by Shawn Levy, the movie deals with two guys, Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson), who’s company just shut down, and who are, now, searching for a great opportunity to be fulfilling their dreams.From that point, I was just picking up the similarities between Wedding Crashers and this film.

Billy came to see Nick and convinced him to do this nuts thing that can’t be pass through; an internship at Google. He enrolled them into an online university and thanks to their craziness and constant blahblah giving headaches, they’ve been retained. Now, they’re old, and the interns are 21’s young brains, however they’ll have to team-up and win challenges, to get jobs in the company. And, God, the movie’s a big publicity buzz for Google, and it might limit itself to just that.


If The Internship is -my heart is hurting- a pretty pointless movie, thanks to the duo, some charm is added to it. Both actors have such a charisma, an easiness to share emotions and laughter, and they have this bond, that everyone would wish to have with someone. Together they’re invincible, and they’re so eager to succeed and believe in their dreams, that no matter what you think globally of that film, the duo will make you dream, and they make you feel good about your future. One day, you will be achieving your goals, what you really wanted to do, but you’ll have to put your guts in that and truly believe in.

Thus, even if Google had this too-much great publicity, about how great the work conditions were, the spirit kept in the company, the diversity, and the values shared etc. and if the beginning the middle and the end, had been written the same exact way Wedding Crashers had, deny it or not, you had a good time watching that pointless film. ‘Cause if in their movies Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, play great orators, and engaging personalities, this is also the kind of actors they are. And they saved that lame movie, and made it enjoyable.


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