Now You See Me – Magically lame


“Watch Now You See Me, you’re going to be blown away!”, “this is the magic version of the Ocean’s saga” they said. Bullshit.

If the movie starts en a quite spectacular tone, providing some compelling excitement, and not to mention the gathering of great actors (such as Woody Harrelson, who’s one hell of a sexy guy), the series of magic tricks less thrilling throughout the movie, are very quickly annoying. And all the expectations and the high level that french director, Louis Leterrier, set from the beginning of the film, are botched until the crapy end.

Basically, the story is simple; some crème de la crème magicians, are approached by a mysterious unknown person, and we, then, understand that they’ve been contacted in order to have the opportunity to play their last card, their ultimate trick that we’ll fool everyone and make some jaws-drop. And there appears the similarity with Ocean’s Saga, where the ultimate magic trick is a series of robberies. But it would be unfair to compare those.

Therefore, even if the identity of the magician mastermind is finally revealed, as part of a shitty plot twist, the real guy who’s setting up a window dressing, is the filmmaker. Trying to blow us away, with twists over twists, and I don’t like to be manipulated this way, that is to say, either you really trick me, or you don’t. And if you did once, don’t try to do it twice if you’re not confident about your move. However, the director took a bunch of risks, trying to do big, that just came back at him, and hit him in the face, showing that not only he’s a bad magician, but he fooled himself into thinking he wasn’t. Thus, all the glittery of Now You See Me, the flakes, and the flying cards, are just working for a while, and even convincing, until the story just turns into an untidy, mixed up, script which was cruelly lacking of creativity and credit. Jumping from professional writings to tired and childly ones, and even the characters personalities are just changing in a blink of an eye, and annoying, more than confusing, the spectators. And it’s a pity, really, because the beginning just promised so much!

Well, nothing further to say, unless maybe the fact that, is better to start badly and finish well, than the contrary.


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