The Last Detail – Badass week

I have been advise to watch The Last Detail and so I ran into my favorite DVD store to buy it and come back home to put in on VLC.

Buddusky and Mulhall, are two Navy men having as a duty to squire Meadows a young boy, who’s been accused of robbery. They had a week to reach Portsmouth, New Hampshire prison, being in Norfolk, Virginia. The thing is, you only need 2 to 3 days to accomplish the job, but Buddusky, also nicknamed Badass, had the idea of enjoying the whole week given, by drinking beers and eating burgers. Playing by Jack Nicholson, his character embodies the machismo, with its badass attitude (implying yelling, grunting and swearing), the tattoos and the cigar in mouth. By far one of his greatest role, Nicholson utterly compelled in the movie.

A particular trip begins, in which friendships are created; Buddusky and Mule (Otis Young) felt right away empathy for the boy, and learnt that he was actually suffering from kleptomania. This is element is quite resembling to the catalyzer that made Badass decided, as they couldn’t help him escape, to give Meadows (Randy Quaid), his last days as a condemned offender. Because, they’ve agreed that the accusation against him was ridiculous; you don’t put a guy in jail for 8 years, because he stole $40!

Therefore, this buddy adventure gets more and more poignant, with funny moments, throughout the film. And a great scene, in which Meadows is having a conversation with a prostitute, who, after learning about his situation, suggested him to escape in Canada, where she could provide him a shelter. The boy politely refused her proposition, answering, that the two Navy men were his friends, it would be a betrayal and they asses would be on the grill if never he slipped into their hands.
But how are they’re going to separate after all this days together? Aren’t those shared memories will be obstacles to the achievement of the mission? Many questions that the sorrowful separation will put an end to.

However, the most moving aspect of The Last Detail, is the way director Hal Ashby showed the growing friendship between the three men, bashfully with some restraint established by every characters, confused whether or not they should fortified this relationship, as long as they’re should be in a position of “cops and robber”.

A forlorn ending reflecting a poor thinking government and the unlucky turns of a baby boomer’s boy, that will moved the most badass of all.



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