The Housemaid – Good girls go bad

The myth of the housemaid. How many boys lost their virginity with their maid or nanny? And how many males of a family had sex with one?
Is there something erotic about them? Is it a common fantasy?

20130911-093657.jpgI thought I would assist to an erotic sexy glamorously korean movie, but than I fall into a sadistic and populated by schizophrenics, world.
Im Sang-soo however, provided one hell of a hot scene between the housemaid, Eun-yi (Jeon Do-yeon) and Hoon, the father (Lee Jung-jae), that won’t leave you empty handed.

The gothic but elegant style of the decor; the vast mansion, the optical effect of having endless rooms, the use of black and white colors, the marbled floor, the huge stairs, and the piano, symbol of wealthiness; are explaining what the filmmaker wanted to depict in his movie, that is to say the korean bourgeoisie with its coldness and emptiness.

Power and money are the main elements raising an issue. Indeed, Eun-yi is searching for a job that would really help her financially, so, straight from the start, she is in position of inferiority compared to this family. She’s submitted to these two elements.
A hierarchical scheme might be drawn because even the women of the family are partly depending on those, partly undergoing them. As long as Hoon is head of the family, and providing them a wealthy life, his wife, Hae-ra (Sea Woo) has no choice but to shut her mouth, be pretty, give him babies, while reading superficial magazines to stay conditioned.
This is constantly reminded by her mother, Byeong-sik (Yoon Yeo-jeong) the evil lady who contained the dangerous poison to take Eun-yi down, when the sex affair had been revealed.

Something bothered me though. Several times it is said that Eun-yi is a “good person”. Bullshit. Yes, she was, in the beginning, pure, tender and innocent, but her stupidity and irresponsibility beat everything.
She did sleep with a married man and father of a little girl (and soon, twins) plus in the house where she worked, for the pregnant women who sheltered her. Not to mention, she got enpregnant too! Come on people, you got what you deserve. Even if, Eun-yi had been violently slapped by the sexual chemistry between him and her, being bewitching by this attractive, powerful but also artistic men, and, added to that, she might felt the need to obey to her boss, it stays an irresponsible behavior. She had been poisoned in every way.

However, what Hae-ra and her mother did, is worse than that, because it involved, manipulation, blackmailing and two murder attempts. Concerning that the main objective, was to get rid of the girl and her baby, to protect appearances and their money. You can’t choose between two rotten morals, and you can’t choose a side in this female guerrilla, where dignity and ownership are attacked.

Morality/immorality and appearances/principals, you’re drown, just like the characters by all the issues raised. All this mess is concluded by a tremendously theatrical ending, that I think will remain in the mind, not to mention the last scene, proving that, not everything is coverable.

Nevertheless, I think a little something was missing, making The Housemaid seemed to me handicapped and sharing the image of an ill movie.


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