Oblivion – Falling into oblivion, it will.

Joseph Kosinski served us a post apocalyptic science fiction movie, on a rusty plate. No matter how bright, white, metallic, the environment is, everything seems rusty and has an acidic taste.

20130909-111754.jpgIn 2077, six decades passed since, a bunch of Aliens, the Scavengers, destroyed the Moon, which caused the destruction of the Earth, by earthquakes and tsunamis. Every human survivor had to leave and go to the Tet, a sort of space station, which is gaining power through the power stations installed in Earth.

Humans like Jack Harper (Tom Cruise, who still has a nice muscular body at 51 years old) and Vika Olsen (Andrea Riseborough, who’s frighteningly attractive in some scenes), under the orders of Sally, who gives them mission from the Tet, have to repair drones that are machines protecting those stations.

But Oblivion is focused on, alienation and, well… oblivion. During several nights, Jack is having the same dream in which a woman, he apparently, never saw, appeared. She hunted his thoughts and nights every time he closed his eyes. However, the “regulation” imposed by the Tet, is “to not remember”. They had been in a sort of artificial coma, that made them forget about their previous lives on Earth, and to do their job correctly, they had to ignore their past. Thus, they aren’t allowed to ask themselves or the others, any type of questions related to that. Didn’t they know our Tom Cruise, is in perpetual seek of knowledge?

And one day, he finally finds this woman, (Olga Kurylenko), and magic magic, remembers, more or less everything.

He saved her, as the drones tried to kill her entire crew (whereas they weren’t Scavengers) that crashed on Earth, and brought her, to the patio in which Vika and him were living.

But, jealousy is a very dangerous sin… and indeed, as Jack built a relationship with Vika though all this time together, she couldn’t stand this competition she didn’t had to worry about before. And there comes the real action, (or at least you hope it does).

The thing is, the story is pretty thin, and I know that a sci-fi is supposed to be unrealistic, or at least futuristic, though I’m sorry, I haven’t be bewitched by Kosinski blockbuster, nor convinced. The movie, might be wanting to be really symbolic, but it isn’t a reason to forget about the script and how it has to be sewed. The only really enjoyable symbol of the film, is at the end, when we finally meet the Tet, and find out it is a freaking huge uterus, lined with 40years old fetus, and the vaginal shape space station where Sally is supposed to be sitting. And then, you could make a link between all the women presented in the film, and their impacts, that are, most of the time, dangerous, stupid, or destructive. I salute the misogyny of the movie.

I shouldn’t have felt the need to pause the movie every 20 minutes, to go to the bathroom, grab something to eat, or watch through the window if something more interesting was happening in my yard, while I was wasting my time watching this too pretentious film. Because it is, pretentious. Kosinski gave excessive symbolic images implemented into a world where there’s no longer, clear time and space, assuming his movie was mesmerizing enough to make us want to masturbate our brain until we understand elements.

Well I’m sorry; the higher note I may give would be 2 out of 5. 1 for the last symbol, and 1 for the graphics.



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