The Fall – When innocence meets adulthood.

The Fall blew my mind with all its beautiful colors and its flabbergasting photography.

Tarsem Singh, made two stories going on at the same time, that will meet at some point.

Alexandria (Catinca Untaru) is a little girl who broke her arm one day, and lives, since then, in a hospital. She encounters Roy (Lee Pace), a stuntman for movies, who tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge; he missed it and has now his legs paralyzed.
He will tell her a fantastic story which isn’t very far from reality.

Roy is depressed and continues to seek death, and when he meets Alexandria and finds out she loves stories, he manipulated her to bring him morphine. But here comes the beautiful adventure of five men, having a common goal: killing the governor Odious, a character who took, from each of them, someone they loved.

They have different nationalities and each of them has a specific weapon, showing us the visual and detailed imagination of Tarsem.
Despite the fantasy of the tale, and the numerous characters, Roy is telling Alexandria his story, the one leading him to despair: a love story. As a Stuntman, he lost his mind for an opportunist woman who left him for another and he disguised his heartbreak into this narrative.

By the time he reached the end, he couldn’t bear another sadness, and that’s the moment where the cruelty and harshness of the adulthood hit the innocence of childhood.

Alexandria is only 5, but Roy is narrating without pulling any punches. And the sad twist the story will be having, will hit and shake the little girl’s beliefs. However the director made sure, she enters the stuntman’s both universe and she had been able to make her way into the men’s heart using a natural, but mystic children power in order to save him.

Tarsem Singh gave us a poignant and human movie about adult and kids, reality and fiction and how these four interact with each other. There is something captivating and intriguing between the two worlds presented, and this, starting with the different types of colors used. If the story counted by Roy is showed with warm and shiny colors, the hospital in which the two protagonists are, is cold and sad. It is only when Alexandria and Roy are together that it seems their world is brighter.

The Fall isn’t a masterpiece but a humanistic film that deserve some acknowledgment.


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