Trance – Headache

20130823-012932.jpgAt the end of Trance I went to get aspirin for my headache. I felt like I spent my entire day trying to finish a puzzle of 3000 pieces.

I hated all the characters at the end of the movie,Danny Boyle did hit hard this time.
And I do love his movies, The Beach for example, was a truly masterpiece of its own.

Well, I liked Trance, and I liked the headache it gave me, because it meant I was very focus during the film, and it meant it left me something, I will not forget that movie. I usually love to propose Memento to people who want a great psychological thriller, now I know I will think also about Trance. Even if it is not really fair to compare.

The story is about a thief, Simon Newton (the cute James McAvoy), doing an inside job for some others guys, in an auction house, and helped them steal some of the most valuable paintings. Except for that last one… A Goya, which disappeared the day they took action. And because of some concussion, we assume, Simon forget everything that happened during the robbery, and Franck (Vincent Cassel) the leader of the group, wanted him to choose a hypnotist in order to remember.

Elisabeth Lamb, the stunning Rosario Dawson, is the chosen one. Starting from that moment, Trance is a big puzzle, and you will lose some pieces and found different others but which, surprisingly, will fit perfectly. Now, even more important, you’ll ll have to know how to differentiate dreams from reality.

The weakest point of the movie, is that we feel like there’s too much plot twists, and dead ends. You end up hating everyone, and hoping it will soon end.
However, the concept and how the idea itself is developed, is really interesting and kind of fascinating. It is all about manipulation, from the characters, the actors, the director and from the flabbergasting screenwriter John Hodge (The Beach, Trainspotting).

You feel like a stupid piece of plasticine being constantly knead, by some invisible hands. And you could do whatever you want, you would get hypnotized yourself, and try your hardest to understand what’s happening.

Enter into the trance, and tell us about your journey there, it might be painful.

(PS: guys, just know that Rosario Dawson gets naked in that film)



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