The Call – Call for an emergency.


What a shitty end.

The Call could have been one kind of a truly thriller masterpiece if we erase the outcome and rewrite it. The whole structure of the movie is nearly indisputable (despite some overused clichés) and Halle Berry‘s performance is quite convincing; we experienced somehow a sort of “I knew you my whole life” feeling, because of her easy-to-catch personality.
However, we keep asking this recursive “why”. Why is that movie ending this way?! Were they tired near the end of the writing of the script, so they decided to scamp it? Or did they make experiences with different samples of spectators and ends, in order to made them vote, afterwards,for they favorite outcome? I don’t know.

I will try to forget about this “accident” and remind myself of this incredible stress I was in, while watching The Call.
A psychopath killer, traumatized by the premature death of her sister, victim of leukemia, tried to retrieve his late sister’s hair, as if he owned them to her. For that, he keeps on tracking blond teenage girls. Jordan (Halle Berry) made a mistake the first time, she won’t do the next.

Well, obviously Michael Eklund makes an outstanding fucked up psychopath. He seems too real, too natural, and this is what gives you the creeps. This sensation of “reality”, is at the edge of the unbearable. Unfortunately for the seeker of thrills, he will be disappointed because of the “clichés” I mentioned above.

It is important to add something about the performance of Abigail Breslin, incarnating the character of Casey Welson. She leaves us unsatisfied and especially, again, near the end because of for her “too much” and too superficial acting.

Nonetheless, the suspense is at his best, and we found ourselves being pretty active spectators.

One advice: if you want to plenty enjoy the movie, just stop 10minutes before the end.



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